Best Restaurant Awards

Best New Menu Item Awards

About the 2015 Best New Menu Item Awards

More than 8,500 Canadian restaurant consumers determined the 2015 “Best New Menu Item Award” winners. 40 menu items in 10 different categories were included in the study. All menu items were launched in the 18 months prior to the study being launched. To learn more about how to leverage The Best New Menu Item Award, please click here.

Similar to the Best New Product Awards (BNPA), the winners were determined based upon both overall appeal, and the re-purchase intent of consumers that have actually tried the menu item.

Beef Burger
The Mile High Bacon Thickburger
(Carl's Jr.)

Chicken Burger / Sandwich
Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Wrap / Burrito
(Pizza Pizza)

Bacon Poutine
(Carl's Jr.)

Asian Cashew Chicken Salad

All Canadian Breakfast

Specialty Tea Beverage
Blossoming Peach Tea Latte

Specialty Coffee
Caramel Flan Latte

Organic Fairtrade Coffee

Ice Cream / Milkshake
Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard
(Dairy Queen)