BrandSpark Restaurant Study

BrandSpark Best Restaurant Study

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About the 2015 Best Restaurant Study

The 2015 BrandSpark Best Restaurant Study, fielded in July 2015, was divided into two main parts – the Best Restaurant Awards, and the Best New Menu Item Awards.

The Best Restaurant Awards section, based entirely on unaided responses, focuses on:

  • What are Canadians favourite full and quick service restaurants – and why.
  • What restaurants Canadians think are the best for different day parts, types of occasions, and particular menu categories (burgers, pizza, specialty coffee, etc.)

The Best New Menu Item Awards section, based on aided evaluation of new menu items launched in Canadian QSR restaurants, focuses on:

  • Which new menu items Canadians are most favorable towards, based on scoring system accounting for both the re-purchase intent of people that have tried it, and the appeal of the menu item for people that haven’t.
  • Each menu item was also evaluated on a variety of other criteria, including actual re-purchase rate; how the new menu item compares to other menu items from the restaurant, and what the consumer believes are competitive menu items; and a rating of the menu item across multiple attributes.
  • Consumers also provided unaided explanations of what they do (or do not) like about the menu item.

For additional information on the 2015 BrandSpark Best Restaurant Study, and/or to arrange a presentation of key findings for your restaurant brand, please contact:

Denis Hancock

Director, Consumer Insights
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